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Rajasthan Ration Card And How To Apply In 2020

Rajasthan Ration Card: Application And Status In 2020

Rajasthan ration card is available to citizens of the state who cannot earn enough money for their survival. There are plenty of reasons for this state of affairs. Like for instance, lack of jobs that have added to the list of unemployment in the country. Rajasthan as a state has a high poverty rate. A major source of income for the underprivileged is from the tourists. These tourists pay for a tour guide, handicraft, hotels, food etc. But this is only a part of the income that they can generate and it is not even enough for a family to last for long.

  • Secondly, Rajasthan has a long number of households who do not earn the bare minimum.
  • There is a lot of crime related to robbery increasing in the state.
  • All this is due to a lack of money in people’s pockets and no food in their stomachs.
  • The state government is trying to do its best by introducing more and more households under the ration card scheme.
  • Ration cards are basically food coupons that allow people to buy subsidized food from their local shops.

Types Of Rajasthan Ration Card

Rajasthan Ration Card: Application And Status In 2020
Rajasthan Ration Card: Application And Status In 2020

Ration card in Rajasthan is primarily divided into four categories. Even though the purpose of ration cards is to help the poor and needy, it follows a certain hierarchy.

Rajasthan Below Poverty Line or BPL Ration Card

The below poverty line Rajasthan ration card is meant for people who earn less than one lakh annually. It is available in pink color and goes to the poor families. They get subsidized food and grains from their local kirana stores. The BPL is one of the underprovided categories that a lot of poor people’s needs.

Antyodaya Anna Yojna Card

In this scheme, the criteria are for people who do not or cannot earn more than forty thousand per annum. In this section, the local government bodies identify these people and give the cards accordingly.

Above Poverty Line Or APL Ration Card

In this section, people who earn less than two lakhs but more than one lakh are taken care of. These come in blue color and mostly go to people who have one LPG gas connection. Another one is the green color APL card that is for people with two LPG connections.

State Below Poverty Line Or SBL

In this category, the state identifies people whose yearly income is less than one lakh but more than forty thousand. They get subsidized food for their family and can enjoy meals throughout the years.

Here’s What You Should Be Looking before Applying for the Rajasthan Ration Card

  • If are someone who has migrated from another city, you can apply for the state-sponsored ration card.
  • You and your family members must not have a ration card from the state and central government at the time of application.
  • Your income should be less than two lakh per annum if you want any of the ration cards.
  • You should have all the documents that you need.
  • Before you go ahead to apply for the Rajasthan ration card, you must check for the following documents.
  • You must have your original Aadhar card, Pan card, Voter ID, etc.
  • Keep three passport size photographs with you along with your bank passbooks.
  • The proof of your birth certificate is mandatory as well as your income statement.
  • In Rajasthan, you will also need your caste certificate.

How To Apply For The Ration Card In Rajasthan?

  • In order to apply for the ration card, you have to go to the official Rajasthan website.
  • Once you open the site, you will find many options on the home page.
  • Click on the ration card and the link to the form will open.
  • Download the form and print it out.
  • Fill in the details asked and attach the documents.
  • Once you’re done, submit the form to your nearest government office.
Rajasthan Ration Card: Application And Status In 2020
Rajasthan Ration Card: Application And Status In 2020

How Can You Check The Ration Card Process Online?

  • To check for the status of your Rajasthan ration card, you have to go to the tracking link sent by the website.
  • Once you click on the link, it will redirect you to another page where you can see the status of your ration card.
  • All you have to do is fill in your ration card number and form number.
  • Then you are good to go. You will be able to see the status of your card on your screen.


To sum up, we can say that getting a ration card is easy in today’s day and age. In the earlier times when the scheme began a lot of middlemen took advantage of the situation. They would keep a part of the grains and food to themselves and sell them in black. It disabled the help it initially wanted to give its people.