Ration Card

Madhya Pradesh Ration List 2020

The Madhya Pradesh government has also uploaded all the information of the ration card (MP Ration Card 2020) on the online website itself. Now all citizens can directly visit the online website for every problem related to their ration card or to see the name in the Ration Card List Madhya Pradesh. Today through this post, we will tell you how all APL (APL) and BPL card holders in the new list should check their names.

  • Below Poverty Line Or BPL Ration Card
  • This ratio card comes in a red color and is only given to people who are the poorest of the poor. These categories of people earn less than ten thousand annually which is close to nothing. This includes poor people and beggars living in the rural areas of the state. As per reports about ninety six lakh families are registered under this ration card.
  • Antyodaya Anna Yojna Ration Card
  • This ration card is distributed to those who are extremely poor and have no stable income to support them. The card comes in yellow color and offers subsidized food to the families eligible for the card.
  • Above Poverty Line Ration Cards
  • Above Poverty Line Ration cards are for people whose annual income is more than twenty four thousand. This card comes in green color and offer subsidized grains to the underprivileged people.

How to Check Madhya Pradesh BPL Ration Card New List

BPL Ration Card 2020 is for those people who are living below the poverty line. Without ration card, you cannot get the low price ration given by the government, apart from this, you may face many difficulties to take advantage of other government schemes. You can easily see your name in Madhya Pradesh BPL Ration Card List (Madhya Pradesh BPL Ration Card 2020 List) through the following methods given below.

  1. First of all, open the official website.
  2. After this, click on the link given on the home page on the BPL register.
  3. After this,you will have 3 options –
  4. Select one of the given options
  5. On this page, you select your district, local body, local body, gram panchayat, village etc.
  6. In this way, you can check your name in the list of Madhya Pradesh BPL Ration Card (MP BPL Ration Card 2020).

Madhya Pradesh Ration Card Benefits

  1. Through the ration card, you can easily do all government work.
  2. You can take your phone connection through the ration card.
  3. A person can use a Ration card in making driving license.
  4. Apart from this, through the MP Ration Card 2020, you can get daily ration such as pulses, sugar, oil etc. at low prices.

If you have no idea of a ration card, then you will find it on the portal soon. This is a very important document that also serves as your identity. In the list given below, you can get the information of documents and qualifications that you will require to get a ration card (Madhya Pradesh Ration Card 2020).

Eligibility for MP Ration Card 2020

  1. The person must be a native of the state concerned.
  2. Also Aadhaar Card Copy
  3. Annual income information and certificate
  4. List and details of family members
  5. Latest photograph

Note: For more information, you must visit the official website http://nfsa.samagra.gov.in/Default.aspx

Can You Apply For A Duplicate Ration Card?

Yes, you can. If your existing ration card is damaged, torn or you lose by accident you have to apply for a duplicate one with the documents attach. Besides, you also have to write an application for the same


In that effect, laws by both the state and the central government. People are to look into the matter if they can and do their bit. It is a great way for many people to accumulate good karma and feel great happiness from within. Giving back to the community must not be a choice or an option, rather a way of life.

This way of living not only promotes selflessness among citizens but also help the economy of the country grow. Before we know how to apply for a ration card in Madhya Pradesh, it is essential to know what kinds of cards that exist currently.