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How To Apply For A Ration Card In 2020

How To Apply For A Ration Card In 2020

Ration card is one of the most critical documents for Indians who struggle to make their ends meet. India falls under the category of a third world country. This means that a considerable number of people in the Indian subcontinent who do not have an education, leave alone jobs. A significant percentage of the population thrives on donations, begging, working an odd job that barely pays them anything. From a third person’s perspective, India is the second-largest country in terms of its population. But when it comes to the quality of life, its way below than most countries.

To support its large population survives, the government is releasing and trying various schemes to contain the nation’s problems. One of the recent ones is the introduction of ration cards. But these cards are not very new as they have been in the system for a while.

Eligibility For A Ration Card?

To know who is eligible for it, you must know what it is and who needs it the most. A ration card is similar to a food coupon in the West. The government provides subsidized food to people who cannot afford meals twice a day or, in some cases, even once a day. The farmers, manufacturers, and workers get an amount from the Central or State government for their hard work. These people, in turn, send their food to the local people who have got their cards. You can get your ration card or check for their online availability on this link https://services.india.gov.in/service/detail/check-application-status-of-ration-card

Different People Who Can Get Ration Card

Subsidized food like grains, wheat, etc. are available to the eligible people at a little cost, which is next to nothing or just free. The government has divided the population into categories like Below Poverty Level and the non-below poverty level. In the BPL category, there are three types of cards differentiated into red, green, and yellow. The impoverished people do not come under any form of income sources and get free grain up to thirty-five kilos. This is given to per member of the family every month except for children below eighteen years of age.

Next up are those families who have an income but still cannot meet their needs due to their profits being as low as nothing. These include daily wage labourers and workers. They get up to fifteen kgs of grains and food per month per member of the family. The next one is the ones who have white cards and have been in the non-BPL category. These families receive five Kgs of grains and wheat per month per family member. However, to be eligible for these cards, you have to check with your local government body on the criteria. It mostly depends on your annual income.

How To Apply For A Ration Card In 2020
How To Apply For A Ration Card In 2020

How Can You Apply For Ration Cards in 2020: Offline

  1. To start the process, you have to go to your state’s FCCPD website. For instance, if you are from Nagpur, you have to go to Maharashtra and log onto it.
  2. The download link will appear on the left side of the home page, click on it.
  3. You can see a link that will pop up saying Application for new ration card link.
  4. Once you click on the click, the application form will appear.
  5. You can check the application details, download it, and take a print out.
  6. Now, you have to fill in the details of the application form. You can do it on your own or ask someone knowledgeable to assist you and guide you through the process. You must fill in the correct details.
  7. After you have filled all the details, take Xerox copies of essential documents and identity cards, and attach them to the form. Make sure you have connected the correct papers or identity cards. Now you can submit it to the government department.

How Is the Ration Card Misused?

Point to be noted that this card, similar to other cards, have been in misuse for a long time. And a large number of the population, including vendors, intermediaries, and consumers, are taking undue advantage of this scheme. Many people who do not fall into either of the categories of BPL or non-BPL make fraud documents and bribe lower-level authorities to create their ration cards. These consumers are mostly middle-class people who want to get food at low prices.

Besides, intermediaries and local shop owners keep the food at their places and hold them for a long time. They cheat poor people of their deserving food items and instead give them less than what they should get. Therefore, these people from BPL categories have no way of knowing if they are receiving what is theirs. In today’s time, it is easier as everything is available online and people can check the details for themselves.